Center for Sight

Comprehensive Eye Care Center

Eyeglasses, Frames, Digital Lenses & Eyewear

Whether you need complete eyeglasses, eyeglass frames or high definition digital eyeglass lenses, the Center for Sight Optical Department in Fall River is committed to providing the best quality eyewear with personal care and service-at affordable prices for our patients! Our frame selection includes a wide range of designer frames as well as other high quality frames to fit into any budget. Our Registered and Licensed Opticians will spend the time necessary to be sure that your frame selection is both comfortable and provides a proper cosmetic appearance for your sense of style.

Our Opticians will also review your lifestyle and daily activities so that they can suggest the best type of eyeglass lenses for your needs. Center for Sight offers the full range of eyeglass lenses including bifocal lenses, digital progressive addition lenses such as Varilux® and Physio®, color-changing lenses such as Transitions® and the specialized high index and polycarbonate lens materials. The Licensed Opticians will also be able to recommend the application of specialized tints and coatings, such as anti-reflection coatings and scratch resistant coatings, to be certain that you select the most comfortable, durable and functional eyeglasses for your daily routine and recreational activities.

Center for Sight also provides patients access to VISIOFFICE ® eyeglass lens measurement system, a state-of-the-art technology designed to capture 3-D images of patients' eyes to provide more accurate, personalized eyeglass lenses for every visual need. The VISIOFFICE ® measures the exact location of each eye individually, as well as the visual behavior of the patient – from the way they position their head to the movement of their eyes when looking through their eyeglasses. The VISIOFFICE ® allows the optician to take precise measurements of each individual eye, unlike previous techniques that measure both eyes together, to offer the most individualized lenses possible to best correct patient's vision concerns. These lenses-the EYECODE™ lenses-are only available from practices with the VISIOFFICE ®.