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Cataract Surgery & Lens Implants

Cataract Surgery & Lens Implants at Center for Sight serving Fall River, Massachusetts and greater Providence, Rhode Island

By Gregory Hofeldt, M.D.

Normal Eye Vision

In order for you to have a good understanding of cataracts, cataract surgery and lens implants, it is first necessary for you to have some basic information about the way your eyes function. Seeing “normally” and having clear vision requires that light be free to pass through the optical structures of your eyes and focus an image on your retina. In particular there are two structures that are responsible for refracting, or bending, light so that it can focus properly.

The first important structure is the Cornea, which is the outermost clear curved “lens” that is visible when looking at your eye from a side view. The second structure is called the Crystalline Lens, which is located behind the colored part of the eye, or the Iris, and is not directly visible.

The Crystalline Lens will be examined during your eye examination by using specialized instruments to look through the Pupil, or the dark center of the Iris. Both the Cornea and the Crystalline Lens need to be perfectly clear in order for you to have good vision. If you are in good health and have not had chronic eye infections, inflammation or had any trauma to your eyes, the Cornea is likely to maintain its clarity throughout your life. The Crystalline Lens however undergoes a number of changes that progress as we age. These aging changes can affect your vision.

cataract fall river, cataract massachusetts, cataractUsually by about the time we reach the age of 40 years old, most of us begin to experience some of the visual effects that result from changes in the Crystalline Lens. Even if you have had “good eyes” and “normal vision” all your life, your vision is likely to begin to change in a number of ways. As we progress from our 40’s to our 50’s-and then our 60’s and beyond-the most obvious changes to our vision occur as a result of these changes in the Crystalline Lens. The two most common changes that occur in the Crystalline Lens are:

  • A loss of flexibility, called Presbyopia, which makes it harder to read and
  • A loss of optical clarity, which is called a Cataract.


If you, a family member or friend are experiencing blurry or clouded vision, haloes around lights, double or shadowy vision and fading of colors or difficulty with night driving, you may wish to be checked for cataracts. Please contact us to arrange a cataract evaluation by calling Center for Sight in Fall River, Massachusetts at 508-730-2020.

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